12G GECO Competition Slug - Teflon Coated - 100 Rds

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12G GECO Competition Slug - Teflon Coated - 250 Rds 

(Teflon coated) - Cartridge for the shooting of BDMP & IPSC disciplines with high accuracy and trouble free functioning in all repeating and self-loading shotguns.

 DN2317625 - SLUG shot, 12 bore, 28.5g load 

Also available in boxes of 10rds for £9.00


  1. Nearly no lead deposits in the barrel thanks to the PTFE (Teflon) coated slug. Consequently minimal air contamination by lead vapours.
  2. Highly precise slug weighing a mere 26g in total (incl. tail).
  3. Short transparent case for more capacity in tubular magazines.
  4. Well dosed powder charge, which ensures safe functioning in automatic weapons on the one hand while causing little recoil on the other.
  5. The high velocity of 450 m/s (V 2.5) makes leading on moving targets unnecessary.
  6. Reliable Sinoxid primer.



Sect 1 - You need an FAC to buy this ammunition type.

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