Delta STRYKER Target Ultra ED 5-50×56 HD SFP Illuminated Zero Stop Locking Turret

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Delta STRYKER Target Ultra ED 5-50×56 HD SFP LT Illuminated Zero Stop Rifle Scope

This is the new version of the Delta Stryker Target Ultra ED 5-50×56 HD SFP Illuminated Rifle Scope, featuring a new & improved locking turret design (as seen in the pictures).

The Delta Stryker Target Ultra ED 5-50×56 is designed around a 34mm tube with superior ED glass at the center. The ED / HD glass system found within the Delta Stryker Target Ultra ED 5-50×56 is the same glass system that helped to secure the Delta 2.5-15×56 HD a solid reputation that offered not only superb optical quality but great value for money, the Delta 5-50×56 HD is no different.

The Delta Titanium Stryker Target Ultra ED 5-50×56 has been designed with not only the long range precision shooter in mind but also Field Target air rifle shooters who require some of the best glass in the world which offer depth of field, range finding capabilities and superb tracking. The versatile 5-50x magnification paired with a side focus system that allows you to get up close and personal right down to 10m @ 50x magnification yet still have an infinite parallax setting so parallax can be dialled out at extreme ranges.

The 34mm tube of the Delta Stryker Target Ultra ED 5-50×56 gives the user an impressive 100 MOA of internal elevation adjustment really making this a scope that is actually capable of hitting 1000 yards easily when paired with the right caliber and mounting system. The open turret design of the Delta Ultra ED are equipped with a Zero Lock mechanism that will allow the you to return back to a your chosen zero range without the problem of dialling down past it.

The click value of the Delta Ultra ED is 0.1 MIL which is paired with the milliradian based reticles of the Delta Ultra ED the DLS-1 & DLS-2. The metric system of Mil is as follows ; 1 MIL = 100 mm @ 100m, the reticles have been designed to correspond with the click of the scope – 1 click = 0.1 MIL (10mm).

The Delta Stryker is also available in 1/8 MOA clicks when paired with the DLS-3 Reticle which is a simple yet effective MOA spaced reticle that subtends correctly on 40x Magnification. 

The Delta Titanium Ultra ED 5-50×56 HD features a Second focal plane reticle that is equipped with a central illuminated point system for quick target acquisition when shooting in low light or against dark backgrounds.

Delta Stryker Target Ultra ED 5-50×56 HD FFP illuminated Features:
  • ED / HD glass which significantly reduces chromatic aberrations  improves sharpness and colour reproduction.
  • DLS-3 MOA Based Reticle with 1/8 MOA Clicks
  • DLS-1 & DLS-2 MIL Based Reticles with 0.1 MRAD Clicks
  • Fully Multy Coated (FMC) lenses give a great light transmission and a brilliant optical experience.
  • Illuminated Reticle – Center only illuminates
  • Locking Turrets
  • Zero Stop means that you can always return to zero if you accidentally click off it
  • Side parallax adjusting from 10m to infinity.
  • Clear and distinct click. 11 stage day / night lighting.
  • SFP for ultra precision. MOA / MOA or MIL / MIL
  • Wide Angle Absence of tunnel vision at all magnifications.
  • Waterproof, moisture-proof, nitrogen filled.
  • 10 Year Warranty
Magnification [x]
Objective diameter [mm]
Illuminated reticle
Angular field of view [degrees]
Linear field of view at 100m [m]
Exit pupil [mm]
Eye relief [mm]
Water resistance
Weight [g]
Length [mm]
One click
0,1 MIL (1 cm @ 100m) or 1/8 MOA 
Max. elevation / windage adjustment range
100/50 MOA
34 mm
Shock resistance [J]
Parallax adjustment
Side focus (10 m – ∞)
Reticle position
Second focal plane(SFP)
Functional temperature range [°C]
+71oC to –20oC
Nitrogen filling
10 Years