RWS Ammunition

RWS Hunting , target shooting and training rifle cartridges 

In terms of quality there can be no compromise when it comes to rifle cartridges. Therefore for Premium Ammunition, RWS follows a consistent procedure, from the initial idea in product development, through manufacture of the cartridge, up to the final control as part of quality assurance. This means that all the high-quality components, from the percussion cap cases, shells, powder and bullets, undergo a fully-controlled production process before assembling the perfectly- tuned components.   

All our rifle cartridges are then submitted to a mechanical, laser-guided or manual quality check. There are over a 100 production stages, each with its associated quality assurance procedures, before an RWS rifle cartridge is deemed to meet our requirements and released for distribution.    

Within the RWW sporting rifle cartridge range we offer a small, but fine selection of the most popular calibres in different bullet weights. See the details listed on our website under the respective cartridge section. Through this we aim to satisfy even the most demanding requirements with our ammunition. All relevant data relating to Target Elite and Target Elite Plus can be found on this website.   

Specifically for the German market there is also a training cartridge for shooting simulators: RWS Cineshot. A low-cost innovation which has, within a short space of time, already gained many followers. More information about its usage and available calibres can be found in the "Sport" rifle cartridges section of their  website.