Remington 12 gauge 870 Express (Mossy Oak ShurShot)

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Model 870™ Express® ShurShot™ Synthetic is the revolutionary ShurShot synthetic pistol-grip stock. It’s contoured to accommodate both right- and left-handed shooters, while offering an incredibly steady-aiming platform that handles like lightning and lessens felt recoil.

12 gauge, 28" bead-sighted barrel
Standard Express finish on barrel and receiver
Synthetic stock with integrated sling swivel attachment
Mossy Oak® Obsession™ camo stock and fore-end
Shoots 2 3/4" and 3" shells
New ShurShot™ synthetic pistol grip stock
Chokes can be changed , comes with 1/2 Choke - additional size choke tubes available at extra cost -POA.

Can be sent to your local RFD for £30.00