Bergara Full Range


                         New Bergara Rifles from Southpoint Firearms 2018

 Prices are for guidance - Ask if special offers or discounts are available. 


       All Rifles are available Muzzle Threaded for Moderators  

       We usually have one of each model Bergara rifle in stock.

                                                   BA13 - Single shot , break barrel, with open sights     
                                                                               20" Barrel    
BER13C/….BKBT Black Blued £485.00    
BER13C/….WABT Wood Design Blued £515.00    
BER13C/….BKST Black Stainless £504.00    
BER13C/….WAST Wood Design Stainless £534.00    
                                                                              23" Barrel    
BER13/….BKBT Black Blued  £485.00    
BER13/….WABT Wood Design Blued £515.00    
BER13/….BKST Black Stainless £504.00    
BER13/….WAST Wood Design Stainless £534.00    
  *Also available in Orange camo - Prices on request        
                                             BA13 Thumbhole- Single shot , break barrel (no open sights)    
                                                                                   20" Barrel    
BER13C/….TBBT Thumbhole Black Blued £504.00    
BER13C/….TRBT Thumbhole Xtra Green Realtree Blued £554.00    
BER13C/….TBST Thumbhole Black Stainless £524.00    
BER13C/….TRST Thumbhole Xtra Green Realtree Stainless £573.00    
                                                                                  23" Barrel    
BER13/….TBBT Thumbhole Black Blued £504.00    
BER13/….TRBT Thumbhole Xtra Green Realtree Blued £554.00    
BER13/….TBST Thumbhole Black Stainless £510.00    
BER13/….TRST Thumbhole Xtra Green Realtree Stainless £558.00    
                                                                         BA13 Takedown - with open sights    
                                                                                      16.5" Barrel    
BER13TC/….BKBT Black Blued £520.00    
BER13TC/….WDBT Wood Design Blued £550.00    
BER13TC/….BKST Black Stainless £550.00    
BER13TC/….WDST Wood Design Stainless £577.00    
                                                                               20" Barrel    
BER13T/….BKBT Black Blued £520.00    
BER13T/….WDBT Wood Design Blued £550.00    
BER13T/….BKST Black Stainless £550.00    
BER13T/….WDST Wood Design Stainless £577.00    
                                                              BA13 Takedown Thumbhole (no open sights)    
                                                                                   16.5" Barrel    
BER13TC/….TBBT Thumbhole Black Blued £539.00    
BER13TC/….TRBT Thumbhole Xtra Green Realtree Blued £598.00    
BER13TC/….TBST Thumbhole Black Stainless £568.00    
BER13TC/….TRST Thumbhole Xtra Green Realtree Stainless £625.00    
                                                                                20" Barrel    
BER13T/….TBBT Thumbhole Black Blued £539.00    
BER13T/….TRBT Thumbhole Xtra Green Realtree Blued £598.00    
BER13T/….TBST Thumbhole Black Stainless £568.00    
BER13T/….TRST Thumbhole Xtra Green Realtree Stainless £625.00    
                                                                   B14 Bolt Action Rifle    
BER14D/….BKBT Sporter DBM (Black Synthetic ) Detachable Box Mag Blued £742.00    
BER14/….BKBT Sporter DBM (Black Synthetic ) with floorplate Blued £703.00    
BER14D/….GRBT Hunter DBM (Green Synthetic ) Detachable Box Mag Blued  £799.00    
BER14/….GRBT Hunter DBM (Green Synthetic ) with floorplate Blued £761.00    
BER14D/….WABT Timber DBM (Walnut ) Detachable Box Magazine Blued £896.00    
BER14/….WABT Timber DBM (Walnut ) with floorplate Blued  £881.00    
BER14D/AB2… Woodsman DBM (Timber) Detachable Box Mag Blued £896.00    
Ridge B14 Ridge Coming Soon - Ask for details        
BER14/AB2… Woodsman DBM (Timber) with floorplate Blued £858.00    
BER14VAD/308BKBT Sporter Varmint DBM (Black) Detach Box Mag Blued £829.00    
BER14VA/308BKBT Sporter Varmint DBM (Black) with floorplate Blued £799.00    
                                       * If ordered without open sights there are no holes in the barrel for future fixing.    
  *Threading is 14x1 on all above rifles except 375H&H = 15x1, Barrel threading on 6.5 Creedmoor extra cost.        


BER14D/AE00... HMR (Hunting & Match Rifle)        Blued/Threaded   £1,099.00    

                                  Calibres:- .308W (20" or 24" Barrel), 6.5 Creedmoor (22" Barrel),.300WM


BER14D/AE00... BMP (Bergara Match Precision) Blued/Threaded



                                     Calibres:- .308W (20" Barrel), 6.5 Creedmoor (24" Barrel)


                                                                              B14 PARTS    
  Open Sights (Extra)   £50.00    
BER14MAG…. Spare Magazine - All Calibres   £45.00    
  Spare Magazine - BMP & HMR (5 rounds)   £57.00    
BER14CKIT Magazine Conversion Kit (Magazine And Trigger Guard)   £71.00    
BER14STBS Black Synthetic Stock   £128.00    
BER14STGS Green Synthetic Stock   £196.00    
BER14STWA Wooden Stock   £275.00    
  Spacer for B14 Sporter & hunter stocks   £12.00    
  Bolt knob - pear shape   £27.00    
  Bolt knob - ball shape   £24.00    
                                                                  BERGARA ACCESSORIES    
BER 08/SEAT All Terrain Swivel Seat   £83.00    
BER 08/SLIP Bergara Soft Rifle Slip - Green   £24.00    
BER 08/CASE Bergara Hard Case   £50.00    
BER 08/BPGR Bergara Backpack Green   £39.00    
BER 08/BPG Bergara Backpack Grey   £39.00    
BER 08/CAPGYW Bergara Cap Grey/White   £20.00    
BER 08/CAPBRW Bergara Cap Brown/White   £20.00    
BER 08/CAPAPG Bergara Cap APG Camo   £24.00    

All Bergara Rifles can be Cerokoted in almost any colour of your choice - details on request.