Schmeisser ARK 1 Folding Lock Knife 3.5"

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SCH 17 0520

Schmeisser ARK 1 Folding Lock Knife 3.5" - a quality knife from the world famous firearms manufacturer 


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  • The "Assist Rescue Knife 1" (ARK 1) of the Schmeisser was created in direct cooperation with firefighters, police officers, martial arts experts, security forces and hunting instructors. After a one-year development period, the ARK 1 will is now  available from Southpoint Firearms

  • The ARK 1 has an 85 mm long, black coated blade made of rust-resistant D2 steel (58-59 HRC) with a thumbstop and thumb recess. Its universal blade shape also makes it suitable for hunting or survival applications. The 3 mm thick blade is stored without clearance between bronze discs. The ARK 1 locks with a self-adjusting liner lock system made of high quality spring steel.

  • On the blade there are unscrewable bolts that make the ARK 1 a one-hand knife. 

  • The solid aluminium grips have a deep milled non-slip dragon skin surface. Thus, the knife is very good and safe in the hand. The handle has a glass breaker with extremely hard tungsten tip. He can be unscrewed. The belt clip can be attached to several points of the handle; the user of the ARK 1 can thus determine the best way of carrying for himself.

  • The package includes a bag and a Schmeisser rubber Moral patch, a wrench and two Torx screwdrivers. With these you can rebuild the knife or disassemble completely.

    Age 18 + Only - Proof of ID and age required.