Schultz & Larsen Victory

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Schultz & Larsen Victory


All parts are made from solid steel bar and are completed with more detail to design and shape, than our other rifles. Therefore, our Victory rifle has the most work hours added into the product. Like the Classic DL it comes with a high accuracy top of the line, cut rifled barrel. Schultz & Larsen only use first quality barrels and actually, the barrels are the world famous ones, established through more than 150 years.

The Victory Rifle has an interchangeable barrel, and a huge selection of calibres and barrel profiles. The new Victory action is not just dropped out of a machine and every single action is checked for perfect alignment to the barrel and the integrated Slide & Lock mount system.

The Victory is a rifle of higher value than the price indicates and it is hard to find better anywhere – some might say impossible. It guarantees excellent performance for unforgettable hunting moments.



The options of a crisp ‘glass-like’ direct trigger or 2-stage ‘Match’ trigger are available at no additional cost. The first portion of travel in the 2-stage trigger takes up 60% of the total pull weight leaving a light final stage with no compromise to the sear engagement or safety of the rifle.

The Victory rifle is prepared for slide & lock assembly systems (such as 1 “, 30 mm, 34 mm, 36 mm and the Zeiss rail system) but is also pre-drilled to accept traditional bases or a Picatinny rail.  Schultz & Larsen produce both mounts and Picatinny rails in 0, 10 and 20 MOA. 

A bolt closing angle of 60 degrees, in combination with a silky smooth operation, again make the Victory an obvious choice for the connoisseur.

A three-position safety facilitates unloading in the safe mode.

The technical design, in combination with the stress-free “match-grade” barrel, gives the rifle a unique precision.

 Victory is available in


Standard caliber

22-250                 308 win

243 win                30.06

25.06                    6,5-284

6,5×55                  7mm-08

270 win                8X57 JS



Magnum caliber

270 WSM              7mm rem mag

300 win mag        300 WSM

338 win mag        358 N mag

458 win mag


An additional bolt is required when switching to magnum calibers. .

.22-250 (K) 6mm XC (1 Skud)
.243 Win (K) .25-06 (L)
6.5x47 Lapua (K) 6.5x55 SE (L)
6.5-284 (M) .270 Win (L)
7x57 (L) 7x64 (L)
7mm-08 (K) .308 Win (K)
.30-06 (L) .338-06 (L)
8 x 57 JS (L) 9.3x62 (L)

Calibres | Magnum (Magnum Bolt Required)

7mm Rem Mag (M) .300 Win Mag (M)
.300 WSM (KM) .270 WSM (KM)
.338 Win Mag (KM) .358 Norma Mag (M)

Calibres | Safari


.375 Ruger (M) .416 Taylor (M)
.458 Win Mag (M)

(Magazine Sizes in brackets - K=Standard, L=Long, M=Magnum, KM=Short Magnum)